Image library v3.0

The Image library structure

Brand Toolbox Version 3.0 Image Library Example

It is important to understand the fundamental structure (hierarchy) of the image library and the image and folder types within it.

If you have already uploaded your images to the Media section, you can now add the images to the Image (Photography) library by following the information on the following pages. To learn more, view the Uploading images page.

There are three image document types in the ContentImage (Photography) library and they are usually tiered in the following structure or hierarchy:

An individual image is an ‘Image Gallery Photo’ document type. It sits within an ‘Image Gallery Album’ document type and the album sits within an ‘Image Gallery’.

You can have as many Image Gallery types sitting under the main Image (Photography) library folder as you wish. You can also have as many Image Gallery Albums within each Image Gallery and as many Image Gallery Photos within Image Gallery Albums as you wish. Or, you can choose to place all images within a single album.

It is up to you how you wish to categorise your image library.