Deleting an Image Gallery Photo

Steps to ‘Delete’ or ‘Unpublish’ an ‘Image Gallery Photo’.

Deleting an image gallery photo

Brand Toolbox Delete button

Right-click the image in the folder and select Delete.

Note: We recommend you Unpublish the image rather than delete it, as the image can be re-published again at a later date. Deleting an Image Gallery Photo will only remove it from the frontend Image library. It will not permanently delete the image. To permanently delete the image, it must be removed from the Media section.

Unpublishing an image gallery photo

  1. Select the Image Gallery Photo.
  2. Select the Properties tab and click the Unpublish button.

    Brand Toolbox Version 3.0 Unpublishing an Image Gallery Photo

Note that you can also schedule the system to Unpublish the image at any future date by setting a ‘Remove at’ date in the Properties tab.