Uploading images

There are two steps involved in adding images to the Image (Photography) library:

  1. Upload the image to the Media > Image library section.
  2. Add the image to the Content > Image (or Photography) library section.

Brand Toolbox Version 3.0 Image Library Nodes

Upload image to the ‘Media’ section

Images uploaded to the ‘Media’ section are not visible in the frontend until they are added to the Image (Photography) library in the ‘Content’ section.

Note: The Image library only accepts JPG files. Files must be converted to JPG before adding to the library. Photoshop (PSD) and EPS files are considered document assets and should be uploaded to the Asset library as artwork or document files.

Start by uploading your images to the Media > Image library folder. You can add ‘Images’ to existing ‘Folders’ or create new folders to house new libraries of images.

Uploading a new image

  1. In the Media > Image library folder, select the folder where you would like to create your new image.
  2. Right-click the folder, and click Create from the actions/context menu.

    Brand Toolbox Version 3.0 Image Library Uploading an Image or Creating a Folder

  3. Enter a name for the new item and Choose Media Type: Image.
  4. Click Create.

    Brand Toolbox Version 3.0 Media Section Creating an Image

  5. In the next screen, click on the Choose File button to choose the image from your computer.
    Brand Toolbox Version 3.0 Media Uploading an Image or File
  6. Once chosen, click the Save icon to save your image.

Cropping images

Images uploaded to the image library are automatically cropped to smaller thumbnail, screen preview, low and medium resolution sizes. You therefore only need to upload the one high resolution image and Brand Toolbox creates the other versions. These versions remain at the same aspect ratio as the original image.

Note however that your particular instance may have other preset size versions. For example, PowerPoint 4:3 and 16:9 versions of all images are also available for download. As the ratio of these sizes may differ from the original image, the images need to be re-cropped.

For more information, view the Cropping images page.

Batch uploading multiple images

You can also batch upload multiple images as detailed below:

  1. In the Media > Image library folder, select the folder where you would like to upload your images. 
  2. In the right hand edit pane, under the Contents tab, click the Upload... icon. A Drag files here to upload dialog box will appear.

    Brand Toolbox Version 3.0 Media Drag Files here to Upload

  3. Simply drag all your files from your desktop onto the upload dialog box. 
  4. Click Upload.

Add image to the ‘Content’ section

Once images have been uploaded to the ‘Media’ section, they can be added to the Image library folders within the ‘Content’ section.

The ‘Content section’ Image library structure

It is important to understand the fundamental structure (hierarchy) of the image library and the image and folder types within it.

There are three image document types in the Image (Photography) library and they are usually tiered in this structure or hierarchy:

The following example better illustrates a typical structure:

Brand Toolbox Version 3.0 Content Image Library Nodes

An individual image is an ‘Image Gallery Photo’ document type. It sits within an ‘Image Gallery Album’ document type and the album sits within an ‘Image Gallery’.

You can have as many Image Gallery types sitting under the main Image (Photography) library folder as you wish. You can also have as many Image Gallery Albums within each Image Gallery and as many Image Gallery Photos within Image Gallery Albums as you wish. Or, you can choose to place all images within a single album.

It is up to you how you wish to categorise your Image library.

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