Related links

‘Related links’ connect pages that have related (similar) content, prompting the end user to view more information.

As seen in the visual below, the Related links panel is displayed in the right-hand tool bar and contains links to other internal pages.

Related Links Panel Position

To show Related links on any given page, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Select a page within the Content tree structure and in the content edit area, select the Related links tab.
  2. Click Add to add related links.

    Related links - Select Related links tab

  3. Select single or multiple pages from within the Home tree structure, then click Submit.

    Related links - Select related pages

  4. The chosen pages will be displayed. You can choose to add more pages or remove any, if required.

    Related links - Click Save

  5. Save and publish your page to view the changes.

Note: You can re-order (sort) the related links by dragging them to the position you desire. Remember to Save and publish afterwards to see your changes.