Asset lists (properties)

Media “assets” allow you to assign predefined asset values to a number of configurable properties, including:

To change the predefined default values within the asset lists above, you will need access to Content > Settings. The asset properties correspond to the following “Asset Lists” in the Settings node:

Media “Property” name Settings “Asset Lists” name

Brand  (Asset node)

Asset Brands

File format  (Asset node)

Asset Groups

Orientation  (AssetVersion node)

Asset Orientations

Colours  (AssetVersion node)

Asset Colours

* To change the predefined list values, select the relevant Asset List. We’ll use “Asset Groups” as an example, however, this guidance applies to all lists.

Follow these steps to edit the lists:

  1. Select the Settings > Asset Lists node in the Content section tree.
  2. Click “Asset Groups*” within the Child items tab to reveal the list items/values.

    Asset lists - Select list

  3. To create a new list item, click “Create List Item”.

    Asset lists - Create list item

  4. To rename a list item, click the item name and type a new name in the top text field. Note that renaming a list item will sever it’s connection to an asset, if previously assigned to it. Therefore, before renaming, ensure you have a list of the assets the list item is linked to.
  5. To delete an item, select the row and “Delete”.

    Asset lists - Delete list item

  6. Items can also be temporarily hidden by selecting the row and clicking “Unpublish”.
  7. After making any changes, remember to Save and publish the list.

* Detailed above are the guidance notes for editing the “Asset Groups” Asset List, however, the steps apply to any of the Asset Lists.