User Rights Management

A properly configured Brand and Digital Asset Management solution preserves institutional knowledge and decreases your exposure to error and liability.

By making usage restrictions clear, your organisation is less likely to place assets in the hands of the wrong people, and prevents incorrect assets being used.

User Roles and Permissions

Brand Toolbox allows you to control what users see and what actions they’re able to perform. For example, you can set up an external photographer with ‘upload’ permissions only or allow suppliers to view guidelines information and download logos, while restricting them to all other sections and assets. You can even restrict specific member groups to low resolution, watermarked images.

Setting up user roles and permissions allow some users to view information only, while allowing others to edit and share data, and restricting others from deleting assets. The system is customisable to your needs.

User Rights Management Permissions

Managing Users

Brand Toolbox provides site administrators and marketing department personnel with instant access to detailed profiles of all users of the site, allowing easy tracking of supplier database and customer retention. This information allows the site editors to target communications to specific user groups.

A user’s role and what areas of the site they can view, edit or download can be adjusted in seconds.

User Rights Management Member Role

Users register themselves to the system via a simple registration form. And depending on their credentials (ie. Employees or Suppliers), they are either given instant entry or go through a simple verification process.

Users can easily be deactivated from the system or given a set time period for access.

User Rights Management Account Expiry

File and Image Download Logging

The system automatically logs all the files and images a user has downloaded and added to their personal lightboxes/albums. This gives the Brand Toolbox administrator a clear overview of the most popular trends and file needs.

Brand Toolbox can show you a log of who has downloaded what and when, and users can be alerted when assets become decommissioned or modified.

Photography Library Download History