Brand Toolbox Content Management System

The Brand Toolbox CMS allows writers, editors and administrators of the site to add and edit content.

No more need for printed guidelines, PDFs or storage devices. Simply upload your brand logos, colours, typography and guidelines information to Brand Toolbox.

Brand Toobox Cms Home Page

On-page downloads

Provide members with important brand guidelines information, whilst allowing them to easily download your brand assets.

Members can download logos, stationery, brochures, PDFs, Microsoft Word templates, InDesign and Illustrator files, EPSs, JPEGs, ZIPs, Powerpoint files, video, audio files and more. It is the heart of the Brand Toolbox brand asset management solution.

Brand Toobox Cms Download Logo

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Latest news

The ‘Latest news’ module flashes news headlines on the home page of the site, allowing the brand and marketing managers to feature important and breaking news stories to all members. Article titles, dates, content and authors are included for back cataloging all news articles

Coupling the ‘Latest news’ module with the ‘Share feedback’ module creates a very effective and interactive brand communications channel.

My favourites

Allows members to store their own personal ‘Quick links’, helping them find/return to their favourite pages easily. This is superior to browser bookmarking, as ‘Quick links’ are attributed to the user and they are able to view their ‘Quick links’ from any computer.

Members can flag and sort their favourite pages for future quick reference.

Print this page

Content is accurately formatted to A4 without the unnecessary navigation and page tools included. Custom print style sheets (CSS) are created to ensure all guidelines info print correctly.

Email this page

Allows the user to automatically email an important or ‘must see’ page link (URL) to a friend/colleague and add comments.

Web statistics analyser

Ability to view full web statistics on those sections of the online brand guidelines that are being used regularly and those that are not. Full integration and behavioural tracking assists you with economical management of content. All pages will be linked to Google Analytics for superior web statistics.

Search engine

The search engine dynamically finds search results as you type, alleviating the need to scroll through multiple lists of search results.

Sitemap and alphabetised index

The sitemap and index tool displays all pages based on either site structure or alphabetical listings and provides a refreshing alternative to searching the entire site.