Email Marketing ‘Brand Updates’

The Brand Toolbox ‘Brand Update’ email campaign newsletter makes it easy for you to create, send, and optimise your email marketing campaigns.

It notifies your members by email every time new guidelines information, logos or artwork files are added or amended. It provides up-to-date ‘policing’ of the brand, and the security of knowing that your members are abreast of any updates or changes to your site.

Email campaign updates can also provide a communication channel for the brand and its values.

Mailing Lists

Email campaigns can be sent to individual users, selected mailing lists (based on member groups) or the entire member database. The module allows you to specifically structure your email newsletter content towards your chosen recipients. Member groups can be used to create mailing lists, or excluded from all mailing lists.

Brand Update Newsletter Mailing List


Create Multiple Skins/Templates

The system allows you to create multiple skins/templates to style your email. You can expand your list of styling options for headings, include CSS for a responsive mobile-friendly layout, or simplify your design for all platforms. Create and select a skin based on the needs of your communication.

Editing Content

Insert your content using the intuitive and simple text editor, and send out a test email. Once you’re happy with your email, you can schedule the mail out to a specific time and date, and mailing list, or send the newsletter directly to your chosen mailing list.

Brand Update Newsletter Wysiwig 

Email Campaign Scheduling

You can schedule campaigns to start immediately or after hours. Just select your mailing list and set a time and date. This is great peace of mind knowing that your campaigns are working for you when you’re not around.

Brand Update Newsletter Schedule

Campaign Reporting (Analytics)

The system tracks each campaign sent and allows you to see which members opened the email, a percentage breakdown of what links were clicked, and which members unsubscribed.

Brand Update Newsletter Analytics