Photography & Image Library

The Brand Toolbox image library and advanced image finder is a Getty-inspired keyword-based search engine, allowing you to search for images by image number/name, category, date added, keyword metatag, ‘royalty free’ or ‘talent fees apply’.

The image library module stores all the low, medium and high resolution downloadable image files in the site’s library. A sophisticated search engine manages and categorises all images for simple retrieval. All images are permission-based, so you can set which users are approved to view individual images.

Photography Library

Sophisticated Image Search Engine

Image group sorting - Sort similar image groups together into their own category/sub-categories. Sort by image licence type (ie. royalty free or talent fees apply images), alphabetically or by most recent inclusions.

Keyword metadata - Assign keyword metadata to each image to help the search engine locate your images quickly. Then search by keyword, image number or both.

Preview image - A preview thumbnail is displayed for each image, making your search quicker.

Photography Library Detail Page

Member Group Permissions

All images are permission-based, so you can assign which users are approved to view individual images and image albums. This feature is critical to simple online brand image management, so you can continue to store all images in one place but only enable certain users to view and download images they are permitted to use.

Version Control

Integral to the system is version control, so you can keep track of all image changes, enabling easy rollback to previous information. Audit controls allow you to see a history of changes and who applied them.

Publication Dates

Images can be hidden from public view with one quick press of a button. You can also automatically set 'Publish on' and 'Publish off' dates - the system publishes and displays the image on the date you set and hides it from user view on the 'Remove at' date you set. This is extremely important for images that have a talent or royalty fees applied to them with an end 'use by' date.

Photography Library Download History


As well as all users being notified when a particular image is updated, System Administrators and Content Editors/Approvers can subscribe to Notifications. They can be notified whenever a change has been made to image information and updated within the system. The images can remain in ‘editing’ stage until the Approver has approved its use and published it for ‘live’ viewing.