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In an effort to further understand how Brand Activation and Marketing Managers, Corporate Public Affairs and Communications Departments, and how Media, PR & Advertising Agencies interact with brands, we conducted an extensive survey across all these disciplines.

The aim of the survey was to further explore how users interact with brand collateral, marketing and corporate identity guidelines. We wanted to understand the behaviours, pain points and frustrations of managing and stewarding successful brands.

A total of 48 people participated in the survey and we were completely overwhelmed by the response. Furthermore, we were deeply humbled by the knowledge and expertise of all who took part.

This is a quick snapshot of the feedback...

Key response

It was clearly obvious there is a lot of heartache and frustration around managing brand and collateral assets within businesses.

Some of the key responses were:

More feedback

There were common themes that kept coming up in the responses, and we were able to break that down into four key areas:

Learning & Communication Channel

Retention & Intellectual Property

Availability & Efficiency

Policy & Procedure

What next?

If you’ve experienced some of the issues and frustrations raised above, and want help with brand and digital asset management, please chat to the Brand Toolbox brand team.

If you need help with metadata taxonomies (keywording), or to understand best practice data repository structures, we are the experts.

Let us show you how our customers are taking control of their brands again – and see how Brand Toolbox can help simplify brand management.

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12 May 2016