10 great reasons to install Brand Toolbox

Brand Toolbox offers an intuitive, scalable and easy-to-manage content management solution to help your team consistently communicate your brand story.

It provides a valuable communication channel for employee training and education, increasing understanding of an organisation’s brand values and aligning employee performance to brand strategy.

Global Brand Hub

1. Global Brand Hub

A global brand hub means that everyone, globally and across different markets, has instant access to the guidelines, wherever they are, on any computer or network. It’s accessible 24/7. The system can accommodate multiple layers of users and different levels of access.

Central Resource

2. Central resource

A central web-based resource for the distribution of all brand information, brand tools, brand applications and brand assets, easily accessible for all involved. The one repository ensures that all guidelines information is correct and version controlled, so there is no longer any excuse for using outdated files or redundant marketing collateral.

Cost Effective

3. Cost effective

Immediate and long term cost savings. Guidelines do not have to be printed or distributed as hard copies. Any amendment to guideline information can be made instantly, without requiring the expensive reprinting and redistribution of printed material. It is a ‘live’ version of a corporate identity manual with superior benefits.

Logo Artwork Updates

4. Logo/Artwork updates

All members/users are notified by email every time a new logo, artwork file or guidelines information is added or amended, providing up-to-date ‘policing’ of the brand. The email newsletter updates also provide a communication channel for the brand and its values.

Member Profiles

5. View member profiles easily

The site administrators and marketing department personnel have instant access to detailed profiles of all members using the site, allowing easy tracking of supplier database and customer retention. This information allows the site editors to target communications to specific user groups.

Web Statistics

6. View web statistics

Ability to view full web statistics on those sections of the website that are being used regularly and those that are not. Full integration and behavioural tracking assists you with economical management of content.


7. Press releases/newsletters

Dispense general information about your business and other related information, products and/or campaigns. The newsletters also provide a communication channel for the brand and its values.


8. Search functionality

Site search functionality allows instant navigation and retrieval of deeply embedded information on the site. Logos, images, colour palettes, fonts and artwork files are all catalogued by the database and searchable.

Edit Publish Content

9. Edit and publish content

Become a custodian/editor of the site via integration of Brand Toolbox’s Content Management System (CMS). Clients can either purchase Brand Toolbox outright or outsource the management of the system to synrg. Whichever direction you choose, we customise the system to each client's individual branding and functionality requirements.


10. Multilingual/languages

So your global user groups and markets speak the same language, the system allows users to select and view content in their own language.


11. Security and support

Yes, I know, but why stop at ten reasons...

Brand Toolbox is maintained by synrg’s technical support team. We coordinate and manage all hosting in secure data centres to offer you peace-of-mind and protection for your greatest business asset. Ask us about a tailored support package to meet your specific requirements.

3 April 2016