Australian Unity Brand Toolbox

With the company dating back to 1840, Australian Unity wanted to ensure the brand continued to embody the vision, values and personality that the company had taken years to nurture and protect.

Aus Unity Home Page

We were provided with the existing 140 page Brand Standards PDF document and asked to convert it into a new online brand portal.

The main concern with the existing PDF was that every time a change was made to the guidelines, the PDF document needed to be redistributed, and there was no accurate way to know who owned old and inaccurate versions of the Brand Standards. And of course, images and assets still needed to be manually sent to users requesting their use.


Brand Toolbox allowed us to map Australian Unity’s brand ‘look & feel’ across the Brand Toolbox framework by matching the brand colours, graphics and typography across the site. We then transfered the Brand Standards into the Content Management Solution.

Aus Unity Logo Page

After all guideline pages were created, we transferred the image and asset libraries into the solution.

Aus Unity Imagery Examples Page

Following launch of the solution, a one-on-one training session ensured that the Australian Unity Brand Team could then take over management of the site. The brand team are able to update and include new content, images and assets via Brand Toolbox’s easy-to-use content-managed framework.

Due to the confidential nature of the information, we cannot display the entire site. However a personal demonstration can be arranged. Contact us to organise a demo.

24 July 2014