Asset restrictions and access

Asset ‘access restrictions’ can be applied when bulk uploading or individually editing assets.

  1. Setting asset restrictions while bulk uploading
  2. Setting asset restrictions to individual assets
  3. Batch modifying asset restrictions

Setting asset restrictions to individual assets

To set the Member Group permissions for individual assets, locate the asset in the Media > Asset library section.

  1. Open the Assets Folder, select the asset and click the Properties tab.
  2. Scroll down to Member Group permissions and click Add to assign member groups to the asset. Only member groups displayed here will be able to access the asset.

    Setting asset member group permissions to individual assets
  3. Remove any member groups if you want to restrict them from having access to the asset.
  4. Remember to Save your changes.

If you want to apply member group permissions to multiple assets at once, see Batch modifying asset restrictions.