Home page tiles

The home page tiles are the first visuals a member sees when entering the site so it is important the links are relevant to the key pages of the site.

The example below is typical of a standard brand guidelines installation.

Brand Toolbox Home Page Tiles

To customise the home page tiles, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Home page (node) from the Content section tree.
  2. Navigate to the Library/Guidelines links tab and select the link name or edit icon of the tile you would like to edit.

    Home page tiles guidelines links editing

  3. Title: Enter a title in the Title field. This headline will appear in the tile.
  4. Image: Click the Edit (pencil) or Delete (x) icon on the “Image” thumbnail to select another image to sit within the tile. The images currently appear in the following folder within the Media section and must be no larger than 204 x 140px @ 72dpi (and saved as a transparent PNG-24 if a contoured image is required):

    ~/Media/Guideline display visuals/Home/Guidelines tiles

    Home page tiles guidelines links media images

  5. Link: Click “Edit” next to an existing link (or “Add” if no link exists) to select the page the tile will link to. Then, select a page from the Select link menu and click Submit.^

    Home page tiles guidelines links select page

  6. If the Asset Library has been selected in the “Link” property above, you may optionally select an Asset Group to display. For example, you may use it to filter the Asset library to show ‘Icons’ only. This is handy if you want to create a link direct to an ‘Icon library’. Simply select from the drop-down menu to filter the library to an asset group.
  7. Once you have made your selections, remember to Save and publish to make the changes visible on the home page.

Note: Tile background colours cannot be changed via the Brand Toolbox CMS. They will need to be changed by the Brand Toolbox Development Team, upon request.

^ To hide a tile, simply clear/delete the current selection on the property marked “Link”.

Updated: 1 February 2020