Media management

All media within the site first needs to be loaded into the Media section.

The Media section in the backoffice administrator area is the media/asset repository for all images, documents and downloads used by the site.

Within the Media section, you can create folders and files in a similar manner to that of your desktop computer. Typically, your Media section will appear as per the following structure:

Media Folder Tree

Folder naming for your particular site may vary depending on any customisations made for/by you. To start working with Folders, ImagesFiles and Video in the Media section, please access the links below:

Understanding image types

It is very important to fully understand the different types of imagery used across the site. For example, site visuals used across pages to describe and help articulate guidelines information are stored differently to high resolution images that are added to the Photo library for use across communications.

For more information on the different types, go to Understanding image types.

Note: When uploading media to the Media library, remember to adhere to the filenaming conventions below.


In the filenames and image names that you upload to the Media section, there should be:

No SLASHES / \ or QUOTES ' " ‘ ’ “ ” `
No # & % + * = @ ~ ^ $
No < > ( ) [ ] { } : ; ? !
No Other Unusual Characters

Consistent filenaming

Ensure a consistent filenaming convention is applied, ie:

Guideline display visuals should use a hyphen or underscore between words:

To learn more about applying a consistent filenaming, taxonomy and metadata strategy, view our Consistent filenaming conventions article. It provides all the conventions and tools you need to commence your filenaming strategy.