Site settings

General site settings such as site name, email addresses, contents of email auto-response templates, registration and member group configurations, as well as image and asset properties can all be made in the Settings section.

However, note that not all Administrators will be given access to these settings. The Brand Toolbox Developer Team prefer to edit these configurations on your behalf, so as not to potentially disrupt any key mechanisms across the site.

If you have access to Settings, you will see the following ‘Settings’ icon in the Content tree:

Content Settings Icon

Therefore, the information in this section is targeted to the Brand Toolbox Developer Team rather than the customer. However, it does give you (the customer) an outline of what settings are configurable within the application.

The Settings section

Configurations are split into the following sub-sections:


The following are individual tabs located on the Settings node:

Member Groups

Location: Content [section] > Settings [node] > Member Groups [node]

This node allows you to edit existing Member Group settings, as well as to add new member groups.

Email Templates

Location: Content [section] > Settings [node] > Email Templates [node]

This settings node stores all the automated email templates that are generated by the system in response to specific actions performed across the site (e.g. Registration requests, Notifications, Feedback forms etc). The templates are editable and include:

Lists (Assets and Photo settings)

Location: Content [section] > Settings [node] > Lists [node]

This node stores the values for the following Asset and Photo library properties:

Side Menu Tiles

Location: Content [section] > Settings [node] > Side Menu Tiles [node]

This settings node allows you to create Asset and Photo library tiles that appear in the right-hand side toolbar. 


Location: Content [section] > Settings [node] > Branding [node]

This node stores the main site branding and styles (CSS) used across the site. It also includes the company sub-brands or email domains (sub-domains) that are used by the business/agency across employee email addresses and the registration form.

This page is a work in progress with additional information added over coming months.

Last updated: 13 July 2022