Creating a new ‘User’

To add a new user, simply right-click the 2nd ‘Users’ node and select ‘Create’ from the actions menu.

Brand Toolbox Users Create Button

Type in the full name of the new user and click the ‘Create’ button.

Brand Toolbox Create User Name

Note: For consistency, use ‘Firstname’ followed by ‘Surname’. This will make it easier to find users when the list grows larger.

The following information will appear in the right-hand pane:

Brand Toolbox Users Details

Now input the following information into each of the fields:


Start Node in Content:

Start Node in Media Library:

*Note that User types will vary on your particular instance.


Disable Umbraco: Leave unchecked (If checked, this prevents user from entering the backend).

Disable User: Leave unchecked (If checked, this shows the user’s name as disabled in the node tree). Note that users cannot be deleted, otherwise the audit trail of previous changes will be deleted. If a user leaves the business, simply check this box to disable the user.


Sections: Depending on the ‘User type’, the following should be checked (however this can vary depending on the privileges you wish to give users):

Super Administrator Administrator Image Supplier
Brand Toolbox Section Permissions - Super Administrator Brand Toolbox Section Permissions - Administrator Brand Toolbox Section Permissions - Image Supplier

Now click ‘Save’.