Disabling a user

Disabling a backoffice Administrator or Editor prevents them from having access to the backoffice to make edits.

They may have left the business or changed roles and no longer require “edit” privileges. If required, they can easily by re-enabled at a later stage.

Note: USERS CAN’T BE DELETED. This is because there is an audit trail of logs that are tied to historical edit events.

Additional note: Administrators of company sites using Single Sign-On (SSO) for backoffice access will automatically be disabled when they leave the business, as the user will no longer be integrated within the company’s Active Directory mechanism.

Disable a user

To disable a backoffice administrator user:

  1. Select the user from the Users list in the Users section.
  2. The user’s profile details will open to reveal their current status. Check the “Disable User” checkbox to disable the account.
    Disable a user
  3. Remember to click “Save”.