Agree to terms and conditions

Periodically, the site Administrator may change the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Statements associated with site use. When these policies change, and in order to log in, members may be required to reaccept the new terms.

Note that the “reacceptance” requirement is not mandatory. The Administrator can configure whether reaccepting the site’s terms of use are required after policy changes are made. If required, and upon attempting to log/sign into the site, members will be redirected to the “Renew your membership” page – and will be able to reaccept the new terms.

Note that Administrators cannot reaccept terms (in the backoffice) on behalf of a member. Members must reaccept the terms when logging/signing in.

Configuring the member registration form with Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Statements

The registration page can display multiple policy checkboxes. E.g.

The policy statements and acceptance checkboxes are located at the bottom of the registration form:

Agreeing to terms and conditions on the registration form

To configure the policy statement overview text that appears above the acceptance checkboxes on the registration form (as shown in the visual above), go to the “Content [section] > Registration > Register [node] > Content [tab]” and scroll down to the “Description of Statements” property.

Registration form terms and conditions settings node

To configure whether only one or both policies are displayed on the registration form, edit (A) and/or (B) below:

(A) — To configure whether the Terms and Conditions checkbox will display, and the acceptance terms alongside it, edit these properties:

(B) — To configure whether the Privacy Statement checkbox will display, and the acceptance terms alongside it, edit these properties:

Changing the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Statement “modified” dates to force members to reagree to the policy terms

IMPORTANT – As highlighted above (in yellow), adding a date to any of the following two properties WILL REQUIRE members to reaccept the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Statement, in order to log in:

Therefore, DO NOT add or change the date unless you require members to reaccept the policy terms (in order to log in again).

How does the date mechanism work?
When logging or signing in to the frontend site, the login apparatus checks if a “modified date” exists against the two properties above. If it does exist, it then checks whether the member profile includes an “acceptance date” against that policy.

If an “acceptance date” against that policy:

Adding a “Date T&C/Privacy Statement modified” date:

CAUTION – DO NOT set a future date unless you specifically want to block all users from logging into the site until that date. Always set the policy modified date to the current day or an earlier day.

Why shouldn’t a future date be set?
As mentioned above, if a “modified date” exists against a policy in the settings, the login apparatus will only allow the member to log in if the “modified date” is dated the same as or before the policy “acceptance date” recorded against the member’s profile.

For example, here’s a scenario that will lock members out for months:

If today is “1 Jul 2023” and I change the "Date T&C and/or Privacy Statement modified" property to a date in the future (e.g. 30 Oct 2023), members will not be able to log in until “30 Oct 2023”.

The member may reaccept the terms every day between 1 Jul and 30 Oct, HOWEVER, the system records the day the policy was accepted, and that policy “acceptance date” is still dated before the policy “modified date” — therefore the system interprets that the member is yet to agree to the newest policy terms — hence a lockout.

Before enforcing policy reacceptance, it’s very important you understand the configuration implications. If you’re still a bit confused, talk to the Brand Toolbox support team.