Membership expiry

There are a number of membership expiry, membership extension and user lockout mechanisms available across the site, and configurable to different members groups.

The settings need to be configured separately for each member group:

Content > Repositories > Member Groups > “MemberGroupName” [node] > Settings [tab]

Property: Sliding Expiry

Property: Expiry Interval Number

Property: Expiry Interval

However, there is a global setting that overrides the expiry mechansim:

Content > Brand Toolbox [node] > Membership Expiry [tab]

Property: Would you like memberships of the following groups to automatically expire after a specified time period?

This setting affects whether members expire or not. It is not tied to member extension.

If set to “NO”, then members never expire, thereby extending their use of the system:

Membership expiry settings

If set to “YES”, and if a member is expired, it will show the message from the following property:

Content > Login > Login [tab] > Expiry Text [property]:

Your membership has expired. Contact the [clientName] Brand Team for an extension: [emailAddress]

Extend membership

To manually extend a member’s expiry date:

Note that there is another property: LastLogin. This no longer affects expiry. It is simply a record of the date the member last logged in.