Toll Brand Central

We were approached by the Toll Group to create a brand hub to house the Toll brand guidelines, assets and artwork.

The client had previously used our Brand Toolbox solution while employed at another company, so they knew Brand Toolbox would be a perfect fit for their online Brand Management solution.

Toll Login Page

Essentially, they wanted to house all of the Toll brand tools, guidelines, templates and the Toll photography library in one secure location.

They also wanted internal and external stakeholders to gain access to the hub by using a login username and password. Specific member groups controlled what a user could and could not view or download. This ensured that users were only accountable for the assets and images they were allowed to download and for the guideline sections they were privileged to view.

Toll Photo Library Page

synrg worked closely with the Group Corporate Affairs team at Toll to ensure the solution adhered to brand standards.

Toll Photo Detail Page

We even customised the Photo library upload mechanism so that the uploader automatically created up to 12 differently sized versions of each image. This allowed a user to download an image at the appropriate size needed for their communication or application (ie. the user is able to download PowerPoint compatible image versions, as well as common digital banner-sized advertising images).

The following image sizes are automatically created from the one original image when initially uploaded:

See visual below for detail:

Toll Photo Detail Download2

Analytic reports can also be run to assess the most used guideline sections and the most downloaded images and assets.

Toll Analytics Report

Due to the confidential nature of the information, we cannot display the entire site. However a personal demonstration of the Brand Toolbox solution can be arranged. Contact us to organise a demo.

25 June 2014