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Melbourne’s first electric tram began operation on 14 October 1889. Almost 130 years later, its tram network is now the largest in the world.

Under a franchise agreement with Public Transport Victoria (PTV), Yarra Trams partners with the Victorian Government to operate the extensive Melbourne tram network.

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Brand Toolbox and Yarra Trams

Starting with horse-drawn trams, through to cable and electric-power, trams are a rich part of Melbourne’s history.

There’s a treasure trove of images spanning the early days, war time, golden years and modern era, right through to the new century. Justifiably, one of the key roles of the new Brand Toolbox site is to manage their extensive image library.

So when SYNRG was asked to help Yarra Trams collate and store the photography archive online, we naturally felt very privileged and challenged by the task ahead of us.

Tram images span 130 years, across multiple tram “classes”, e.g. A-Class, B2, C1/C2, D1/D2, E, Z3 and W6/W8-Classes. The images also cover 25 routes connected to 9 depots. Therefore, a simple metadata tagging and taxonomy system was established to find and filter images into these specific categories.

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Working with design firm, Paoli Smith Creative, Yarra Trams had also just finalised a new visual and graphic identity, so the site has also become the brand governance portal for the brand.

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Corporate templates

Along with the Brand Guidelines and DAM project, we also built their suite of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint corporate templates, for use across the business.

Yarra Trams and Keolis Downer Corporate Templates

Due to the confidential nature of the information, we cannot display the entire site. However a personal demonstration of the Brand Toolbox solution can be arranged. Contact us to organise a demo.

1 February 2018