AGL Brand Tool Box

For over 180 years, AGL has been trusted by millions of Australians to power their homes and businesses. Additionally, they are the biggest ASX-listed investor in renewable energy, and operate Australia’s largest electricity generation portfolio.

Brand Toolbox and the AGL Brand

The AGL visual identity consists of a set of design elements that work together to create a distinctive look and feel, making the AGL brand instantly recognisable.

Starting with the new AGL brandmark, it’s a powerful and unique symbol which represents the company and the brand as a whole.

The aim of the new AGL Brand Tool Box is to ensure all AGL elements are used consistently and correctly by all stakeholders (employees and external suppliers), thus maintaining the integrity of the AGL Brand.

Login screen

AGL login screen

Home screen

AGL home screen

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Crucial to delivery of the site was the integration of Single Sign-On (SSO), allowing all AGL employees to seamlessly use the Brand Toolbox application without additional login credentials.

AGL uses Azure Active Directory (AD) and we were required to utilise SAML 2.0 authentication requests/responses to support SSO on Brand Toolbox.

This was our first SSO integration and we were required to make changes to the framework and adjust the authentication mechanism used by the application. However, the extra work now enables us to extend the application to be able to integrate with any other Active Directory mechanisms: Azure AD, Microsoft ADFS, OpenID, OKTA etc.

The protocol diagram below describes the SSO sequence.

The Brand Toolbox Application (the Service Provider) uses an HTTP Redirect binding to pass an AuthnRequest (authentication request) element to Azure AD (the Identity Provider).

Azure AD then uses an HTTP post binding to post a Response element to the Brand Toolbox Application.

SSO SAML Protocol Diagram Azure AD

Though the diagram represents the Azure AD mechanism, the sequence can be adapted to facilitate any Active Directory mechanism.

For more information on Single Sign-On, view our Azure AD Single Sign-On SAML protocol page.


Due to the confidential nature of the information, we cannot display the entire site. However a personal demonstration of the Brand Toolbox solution can be arranged. Contact us to organise a demo.

14 February 2020