Photo consent forms

Photographic Talent Release & Consent Forms can be assigned to images in the Photo library.

Once assigned to an image, users browsing the Photo library can see that the selected image has a photo consent form (or forms) associated with it. Privileged member groups (usually Editors & Admins) can also download the consent form directly from the frontend and view the backend filepath.

To add consent forms, follow these three simple steps below:

  1. Create a “Consent Form Folder”
  2. Upload the Photo Consent Form
  3. Link images to the consent form

1. Create a “Consent Form Folder”

Note: Only create a “Consent Form Folder” if it doesn’t already appear in your “Photo Library Folder”. If it does, skip to step 2. Upload the photo consent form below.

To create a “Consent Form Folder”:

  1. Right-click an existing “Photo Library Folder” node in the Media section, and click Create from the context menu.
    Consent Forms - Create consent folder
  2. Type in the folder name, e.g. “Photo Consent Forms”, and select “Consent Form Folder” as the media type.
    Consent Forms - Create consent folder
  3. Click Create.


2. Upload the Photo Consent Form

Photo Consent Forms can be batch-uploaded to a consent form folder. To upload the consent forms in batch:

  1. Select an existing “Consent Form Folder” node.
  2. Select the consent form files from your desktop and drag them onto the right-hand side editor pane.
    Consent Forms - Drag Consent Forms to folder
  3. An “upload files” dialog box will appear. Note that you can also click the “Upload...” button to view the upload dialog box.
  4. Simply upload your files and click “Upload”.
    Consent Forms - Upload consent forms

You are now ready to: 3. Link images to the uploaded consent forms.

Note that consent forms can also be uploaded or edited individually via the process below but it is far simpler to just drag-n-drop as shown above.

To upload or edit consent forms individually:

  1. Right-click a “Photo Consent Forms” folder node, and click Create from the context menu.
  2. Type in a name for the consent form (e.g. “FirstnameLastname_Date” or “PhotoShootNumber_FirstnameLastname_Date”) and select “File” as the media type.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Upload the photo consent form file via the “Upload file” button.
    Consent Forms - Upload consent folder file


3. Link images to the consent form

Now that the consent forms have been uploaded, you can assign them to one or multiple images.

To assign the form to an image:

  1. Select the image in the Media section.
  2. Select the “Meta Data” tab.
    Assign Photo Consent Form to an image
  3. Scroll down to the “Consent forms” picker and choose the consent forms relevant to your image. Note that multiple consent forms can be linked to a particular image.

Frontend users will now be able to see (or download) the consent form and view the backend filepath in the image detail per the example below:

Consent Forms Frontend Detail

Note that users can only download the consent form if their member group has permission to download consent forms. To enable consent form download, view “Consent form download settings” below.

Consent form download settings

If a member group:

Enable consent form download

To enable consent form downloads for a particular member group:

  1. Go to the “Content” section.
  2. Locate the “Repositories” node.
  3. Select Member Group.
  4. Select the “Settings” tab.
  5. Check the “Can Download Consent Forms” checkbox.
  6. Click Save and publish.

Consent Forms Enable Download Settings