Searching and filtering images

Filtering images

Note that when searching for and selecting images in the right hand pane, only images that reside within the selected folder, and any of its sub folders, will appear. Eg:

The ‘Filter:’ search tool

Brand Toolbox Version 3.1 Image Library filter search tool

The ‘Filter:’ field searches the following elements:

As soon as you enter text into the ‘Filter:’ field, the filter will start searching for images within the selected folder. After you have entered your search text, please wait while the tool filters the images.

Note: If searching within the root ‘BT Image Library’ folder, the system may take some time to return results (sometimes up to 45secs) — so please be patient. If you already know which year the image appears, select the appropriate year folder. This will speed up the search, as it only needs to search within one year’s results.

The ‘Photographer:’ search tool

Brand Toolbox Version 3.1 Image Library photographer search tool

The ‘Photographer:’ field filters the images already displayed within the right hand pane. Note that it does not produce a result if no images are selected.