BT v3.1.6

Release notes:

This is a scheduled release that adds a number of new features, as well as extending present features.

Status: Released
Release date: Thursday 13 April 2017


Feature 07 (pre-VSTS) — Extend search functionality

Changes included:

Feature 06 (pre-VSTS) — Create photo library contact sheets

Added the ability to print a PDF contact sheet from the Photo library module. Clicking the new “Print Contact Sheet” button calls up a dialog box with a set of proof sheet output options:

Feature 05 (pre-VSTS) — Ability to add contact sheets to lightboxes for export

Add ability to export a lightbox as a PDF, and the PDF is then shareable via email.

Feature 04 (pre-VSTS) — Share lightboxes with other BrandHub members

This allows a user to share their lightbox with other Brand Hub members. Users choose from a list of members and send the lightbox to that member. The shared lightbox will then show up in that user’s lightbox are under a new tab named: “Shared lightboxes”.

Feature 03 (pre-VSTS) — Retain search results

Add the ability to retain search results. If a user types in “box” in the keyword field, the URL will now show “~/asset-library.aspx?q=box”. The user will then be able to bookmark (favourite) this URL for later reference or forward to others. Applied across Asset and Photo library search devices.

New URL strings include:

Feature 02 (pre-VSTS) — Add “Back to Top” button

Insert a “Top” button that remains on the page as users scrolls down. Added to all site templates throughout site.

Feature 01 (pre-VSTS) — Add “Download All” button

Add a “Download all” button as an option for logos and other assets on the “on-page” downloads mechanism. Provides ability to download the entire logo suite, not just one file type.