BT v3.2.7

Release notes:

This scheduled release introduces the new ‘Asset & Image Usage Expiry’ mechanism.

Status: Released
Release date: Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Feature 129 (Azure DevOps) — Asset Usage Expiry

The new ‘Usage Expiry’ feature allows an Administrator/Editor to set an asset or image decommission date. The usage restrictions will be shown to users viewing asset details.

Usage Restrictions Asset Frontend

The mechanism will ARCHIVE the asset or image on the set date.

Hangfire has been set up to fire the asset expiry archiving function. The trigger checks the ‘assetUsageExpiry’ property and archives (flags) the asset accordingly — then re-caches both libraries so the asset is archived (hidden) from the frontend.

Triggers can be set daily, hourly or every minute.

More info in our User Guide:

Issues & Tasks

Task 168 (Azure DevOps) — Asset ‘detail screen’ alignment

There were minor inconsistencies across the asset detail screens. Some screens were missing properties and not all screens were in identical sort order.

For best practice consistency, all 5 x “Asset detail” screens have now been aligned with all the new properties and all in the correct sort order:

Properties now include:

Bug 169 (Azure DevOps) — Asset Usage Expiry ‘ARCHIVE’ mechanism caching issue

This bug relates to Feature 129 — Asset Usage Expiry outlined above.