BT v3.2.1

Release notes:

This is a scheduled release that adds a number of new features, including “Categories” to the Asset library, the ability to link “Photo Consent Forms” to images and frontend selection of unpublished and archived assets.

Status: Released
Release date: Friday 6 October 2017


Feature 32 (VSTS) — Asset library categories

Add “Category” and “Subcategory” fields to Asset library items, and allow the asset search to filter results by Category and Subcategory.

Asset library categories selection tool

The document types were added as sub-nodes of the “Content > Asset library” node tree, to mimic the Photo library category process. Note that the subcategory list will not appear until a selection in the category drop-list is made.

For more info, view Asset categories and Image categories in the User guide.

Feature 110 (VSTS) — Photo Consent / Model Release Form

Included the ability to add “Photo Consent or Model Release Forms” to images.

Consent form PDFs are stored alongside the media images within their own consent form folder. They are then linked to images via the image’s Meta Data [tab] > Consent forms property. Note that multiple consent forms can be added to a single image.

The consent form row hides/shows depending if any consent forms have been assigned. Member groups can be set to “view only” or “download” the consent form.

For more info, view Photo consent forms in the User guide.

Feature 105 (VSTS) — Frontend: View “Archived” and “Unpublished” assets and images

Allows frontend editors (Administrator and Brand/Marketing team members) to view “Archived” and/or “Unpublished” assets and images.

Added a drop-down list with the following selections:

Unpublished Archived Selection2

The drop-down list only appears for privileged Administrators and Brand team members and shows status flags.

For more info, view the User guide:

Issues & Tasks

Task 106 (VSTS) — Add “Download All” button on onpage download macro

Add a “Download all” button to the “1col download“ and “3col download” on-page download macros.

Task 108 (VSTS) — Change "images" text to "assets" in Batch Modify boxes

Changed the “images” text to “assets” in both Batch Modify boxes.

Bug 109 (VSTS) — Albums: “Select all” button selection glitch

Fixed “Select all” button selection glitch in Internet Explorer (both Photo and Asset Albums).

Bug 121 (VSTS) — Albums​ ​​shared​ ​​with​ ​​me “Select all” checkbox

The Asset library & Photo library “Albums​ ​​shared​ ​​with​ ​​me” > Select all checkbox wasn’t selecting all items. Fixed!

Bug 118 (VSTS) — Download History Archived Selected button

Adjust CSS to correctly show normal and active states.

Bug 116 (VSTS) — Asset path not showing in asset detail

Needed to rebuild all indexes to fix. Added a “Reindex media” mechanism to Media section to quickly reindex large libraries.