BT v3.1.7

Release notes:

This is a scheduled release that adds a number of new features, as well as extending present features. Several bugs were fixed in this release.

Status: Released
Release date: Tuesday 4 July 2017


Feature 25 (VSTS) — Extended Boolean search capabilities

Boolean searches allow users to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT to limit, widen or define their search. In addition, “Quotation marks” allow users to search an exact phrase.

The new search operators ensure users can more precisely target their search results.

For example, in the following search term:

The returned results must mention the word “yarra” and at least one of the following: “river, creek, catchment”. However, if searches find 2 or all 3, they will also be returned.

Whereas in the following example:

The returned results must contain the exact phrase “Yarra River” but not any of the following: “people, person, man, woman”. Essentially, you want to find images of Yarra River without people in them.

Feature 26 & 27 (VSTS) — Batch editing asset metadata

All asset metadata is now able to be modified in batch.

Until now, batch editing was restricted to image assets only. The new release allows administrators to modify asset metadata for all assets or select groups of assets. The following metadata is now batch editable:

The new Batch Modifier also allows assets to be Published or Unpublished in batch.

Feature 24 (VSTS) — Select and download all assets in batch

The new “Select All” and “Download Selected” feature allows users to select all assets in the Photo and Asset libraries and download in batch to ZIP file.

The feature allows users to make multiple selections and download those selections easily, or to select any groups of assets, e.g. “Icons”, and download all those icons.


Feature 28 (VSTS) — Share albums (collections)

Brand Toolbox allows users to create Albums (Collections) of images or asset files. The albums enable the user to reference assets and/or download them in bulk at a later stage.

The new share feature now allows albums to be shared with other members of the site. This is useful for teams collaborating on projects. E.g. one person can collate a group of items and share the selection with the other team member. Future assets added to the album will show on both original and shared albums.


Feature 08 (pre-VSTS) — Image category restrictions

Until now, Brand Toolbox allowed select member groups to access low, medium and/or high resolution images, dependant upon restrictions applied to their member group. However, these were broad settings across all images and categories.

The new feature allows administrators to restrict an “Image Category” or selection of images to select member groups only. Member Groups without access to those image categories do not see any of the photos within that category.

Combined with the existing low (watermarked), medium and high resolution size variant permissions, the new category restriction mechanism creates a very powerful image access and restriction tool.

Feature 09 (pre-VSTS) — Asset library “Asset Groups” display

The Asset library now groups all file format variants together and presents them as a set.

Why is this important?  Well, it’s very common to have a logo asset or illustration asset available in multiple file formats. E.g.

The new asset grouping tool now presents them as a set in asset searches. Members can then download the complete set of assets, or download individual file formats.

Issues & Tasks

Task 48 (VSTS) — Add new T&Cs element to Registration form

Added a new backend element/property on the /Content/Registration/Register [node], Content [tab]:

Replaces the hard-coded text that is currently on the registration form next to the agree to T&C’s checkbox. Now editable in the CMS.

Task 49 (VSTS) — Multiple Administrators can now approve different Member Groups

We’ve configured the administrator settings so registration approvals can be forwarded to multiple Administrators, dependant on the Member Group.

For example, external “Advertising Agency” member registrations can be forwarded to one administrator for approval, whereas other member groups can be approved by other appointed administrators. This is particularly useful if, for example, you wanted “Finance” team members to be approved by the head of the Finance team, rather than the request going to the Brand team. This saves the approver needing to verify the registrant with the appropriate team.

The email address was hard-coded on the /Settings/Templates/Brand Toolbox Master/Public pages Master/“Registration verification” template. Previously used:

Bug 51 (VSTS) — Photo library “Category” permissions issue

Fix Photo library “Category” permissions feature issue.

The feature was introduced to restrict member groups to a limited group of images, based on adding role permissions to the category. Fixed server-side cache to be member specific.

Task 34 (VSTS) — References to “lightbox” changed to “album”

All references to lightboxes or lightbox on the “Share lightbox” popup should now be albums or album. Apply change to both "Photo lightbox" and "Asset lightbox" share.

Task 33 (VSTS) — Lightbox not showing member email addresses

Email addresses were not being called up automatically by the shared lightbox field. It only worked when re-saving a member’s profile.

Re-indexing members with /Developer/Examine/InternalMemberIndexer fixed the issue.

Bug 40 (VSTS) — Replacing an image on “PhotoLibraryImage” error

Server error received when trying to replace an individual image on a “PhotoLibraryImage” node. Error fixed.


Task 45 (VSTS) — Hide “Shared album” heading when no shared albums in list

Hide the “Shared albums” heading when there were no shared albums in the list.

Bug 44 (VSTS) — Add email address validation on "Share" album button

On the “Share album” popup for both "Photo album" and "Asset album" share, the [Share] button attempts to send even though no email address is entered. Added hint text and validation code.

Task 46 (VSTS) — Remove customer reference on contact sheet

Replaced customer reference on the header of the contact sheet. Added correct customer logo.

Feature 19 (VSTS)(was Bug) — Photo library editing issue (x2)

When editing images in batch, adding categories to batched images did not add them to the image. Did not work whether choosing Append or Replace. Resolved.

Feature 36 (VSTS)(was Bug) — Photo library not auto-assigning "Miscellaneous" category to image

There is a property on the ~/Media [node]:“Image library” [MediaType: PhotoLibraryRootFolder] /tab:“Library Settings” called: Default Category.

Normally, this is pointed to the “Miscellaneous” category node, so that any images that don't have keywords matching any other categories are assigned to the “Miscellaneous” category.

Bug: On upload, the image uploader will check if any of the image’s keywords match a category. If it does, it assigns those categories to each image. Photo library was not automatically assigning “Miscellaneous” category when it didn’t find a related category.

Fixed by reindexing: ~Developer/Examine/photolibrarycategoryindex.

Feature 21 (VSTS)(was Issue) — Asset detail: Related links

The “Related information” link should not display if a page has been deleted or unpublished. It currently shows as a blank line on the asset detail. Note that related links are working fine but is only a problem when a page previously related to an asset is unpublished or deleted. Resolved.