BT v3.2.4

Release notes:

This is a scheduled release to introduce enhanced searchability, uploading and reporting.

Status: Released
Release date: Friday 8 June 2018


Feature 142 (VSTS) — Masthead “Search Tool” Enhancement

We’ve added a selection drop-down list in the top masthead search field to allow searches to extend to the Photo and Asset libraries.

Masthead search field enhancement

Previously, this search field was only searching “page” content. Now, it can search across:


Feature 143 (VSTS) — “Image categories” automatically display in navigation menu

The full list of “Level 1Categories now display as a sub-item in the main navigation menu.

Main navigation image categories submenu

This feature provides a one-step process to navigate directly to the chosen category in the Photo library.


Feature 25 (VSTS) — Add “Orientation” to the batch uploader

An “orientation” selector has been added to the asset uploader, so the orientation of files can be applied (in batch) to multiple files on upload.

Batch uploader orientation drop-down list

This is especially important when uploading packaged artworked files (e.g. ZIPs with “Mixed” formats), as the uploader won’t be able to extract the orientation from these files.


Feature 134 (VSTS) — Reporting v2: “Search Terms” Dashboard

We’ve created a list of “Search Terms Dashboards” that you can use in Google Analytics to help you view common reporting tasks, such as finding the most searched keywords across page content, photo library searches and asset library searches.

The dashboards can be added to your Google Analytics profile to simplify reporting tasks.

Google Analytics search terms dashboard

Issues & Tasks

Task 113 (VSTS) — Individual images not properly selectable via “My favourites”

“My favourites” allow you to star or bookmark pages and images to your user profile, so you can quickly return to the page later.

Previously, only pages (content) could be bookmarked. Now, individual images from the Photo library can also be bookmarked. Simply “favourite” an image when you are on the image detail page.


Bug 140 (VSTS) — Photo library download issue after filter change

We were receiving download errors in the Photo library of all instances after a search, sort, filter or page change was made. Now fixed on all instances.


Bug 131 (VSTS) — “Batch uploader” missing on several instances

The “Batch uploader” that was added on “Release v3.2.2 - Feature 22 (VSTS)”, was missing on several instances. Include on affected instances.