Rich text editor

The Brand Toolbox ‘Rich text editor’ provides the toolkit to help you shape your content and pages.

You can edit text content, format text styles, insert images, create tables or create links to other pages or documents.

Editor buttons

These are the default editor buttons available. Depending on the page or template you are working on, you will have access to more or fewer buttons than those shown here.

Rich text editor toolbar

A description of each editor button is provided on the pages that follow.

Paragraph break / Line break

The editor is like any other word processing program. When you press Enter (or Return) in the editor, you get a paragraph break, which means there is space between the paragraphs.

If you do not want a space, you need to make a line break instead. You do this by pressing Shift+Enter (or Shift-Return).

Shortcut keys

To make your work easier, there are shortcut keys for certain editor functions. Shortcut keys let you use the keyboard to carry out certain commands.

PC Commands MAC Commands Shortcut Keys
Ctrl + A Command + A Select all
Ctrl + B Command + B Bold
Ctrl + C Command + C Copy
Ctrl + I Command + I Italic
Ctrl + U Command + U Underline
Ctrl + V Command + V Paste
Ctrl + X Command + X Cut
Ctrl + Y Command + Y Redo
Ctrl + Z Command + Z Undo

More rich text editor features