In Brand Toolbox, ‘macros’ are small building blocks of functionality that can be dropped into an editor.

Rich text editor button insert macro  A macro can be anything from a page contents sub list to an asset download container. The advantage of a macro is that it gives editors the ability to add complex elements to the page in a simple manner.

There are only four macros used across the Brand Toolbox Brand and Digital Asset Management solution. Each is described below:

Select macro slide out panel

Asset Downloads

The Asset Downloads macro is used to add individual documents (assets) to a page for download.

The procedure for this is further explained on the Add a document download to individual pages page.

Asset Folder Downloads

Like the ‘Asset Downloads’ macro, the Asset Folder Downloads macro allows you to add downloads to a page but, instead, you select an asset folder containing multiple other asset folders — and they are displayed in a 3 column grid across the page.

Contents Page Sub List

The Contents Page Sub List macro enables you to add a Table of Contents listing the published child pages of the page you are adding the macro to. 


The Video macro allows you to embed a video for on-page video playback.