Add an asset download to individual pages

By default, all downloadable assets (documents) uploaded to the system appear in the Asset library. Additionally, Brand Toolbox allows you to include these downloads on guideline pages across the site.

For example, as well as the user being able to download the ‘Masterbrand logo’ from the Asset library, you may want to include the ‘Masterbrand logo’ download on the Logo guidelines page.

This gives users quicker access to the downloads when browsing guidelines pages.

Add a download to an individual content page

In the rich text editor of the selected guidelines page, place your cursor at the desired content insertion point and select the Insert macro button Rich Text Editor Button Insert Macro in the tool palette.

Select asset download macro slide out panel

From the Select macro slide out panel, select Asset Downloads to reveal the downloads macro properties.

Next, click the Add + button (see below) and navigate through the Asset library folder structure until you find the asset/s you want to include. Remember to select the Assets Folder containing the assets and not the individual assets themselves (as shown below).

Select asset for on-page download macro

After selecting the Assets Folder, click Submit.

Enter the download container criteria here:

Click Submit.

The macro is displayed in the editor with a yellow dotted border. Note that if multiple Assets appear in an Asset Folder, it will display the preview image of the first Asset in the folder.

Backoffice inserted macro visual

Save and publish the page to view your changes.

Download macro options

There are two on-page asset download macros to choose from:

Asset Downloads

The contents of one chosen Assets Folder will be displayed as a single download container.

Asset Downloads macro frontend visual


Asset Folder Downloads

The contents of a chosen Assets Folder, containing multiple other Assets Folders, will be displayed across a 3 column grid as multiple downloads.

Asset Folder Downloads macro frontend visual