Access with Username and Password

All new backoffice Administrators and Editors must first be invited to become a backoffice ‘User’.

The different User groups are usually pre-configured into your site before handover. And, depending on your site configuration, access to the backoffice is typically restricted to 1 of 2 access workflows:

  1. Username (email address) and password: Employees and/or External Suppliers
  2. Single Sign-On (SSO): Employees only

Therefore, before providing access to new users, please ensure you understand the ‘New User’ creation workflow and the user group you’ll be giving them access to.

Note: This page describes the workflow for assigning new users with Username and Password backoffice access. If providing access via Single Sign-On (SSO), click:

Creating a new backoffice User with Username and Password workflow

Step 1 – Invite user

The site administrator must first invite new users via the backoffice Users section. Once invited, the new user simply provides their own password to fulfil the application.

Follow these steps to invite a new user:

  1. Go to the Users section, ensure Users is selected from the user tree and click ‘Invite user’. Do not click Create user^^.

    Invite user screen

  2. Enter the new user’s Name and Email into the fields provided, and click ‘Add’ to assign them to a User group.

    Invite user details entry screen

  3. Select the relevant user group and click Submit.

    Select user group

  4. It’s always good practice to add a clear invite message. To economise your time, ensure you have a message pre-stored so you don’t need to retype it evey time. Here’s an example:

    Hi [FIRSTNAME], this is an invitation to the Brand Toolbox administrator backoffice (Umbraco Backoffice).

    Please accept the invitation and provide a password when asked. You will then be logged in to the backoffice.

    In future (and once logged out), you will then be able to sign in at the following address:
    Brand Toolbox Development Team
  5. Click Send invite to send the invitation. 

Step 2 – User accepts invitation

  1. The invited user receives an email invitation.

    User clicks link to accept invitation

  2. They simply need to click the acceptance link on the email invitation and create a password when asked.
  3. The process is now complete.

Create user (option)

^^ Note that there is also a Create user option under the Invite user menu. E.g.

Create user link

This option is similar to the Invite user sequence, except that a password is automatically generated for the user rather than the user creating their own password.

Create new user password generated

Use this option when giving several people access to the same user profile (hence creating a shared password). An example of this is a Photographer Supplier user profile that may be shared by several approved photographers.