Sorting pages

The pages in Brand Toolbox are ordered (or sorted) in the tree structure according to a predefined sort order.

It is generally common for the most recently created page to be placed at the bottom of the tree structure. You can easily change the sort order of the pages in the navigation by using the ‘Sort’ function.

  1. In the structure tree, select the parent page of the section or list of pages to sort.
  2. Right-click the page, and click Sort from the actions/context menu.
  3. Drag the pages into the required order. Alternatively, click on the Name or Creation date column header to sort the items automatically by name or creation date. Clicking on a column header again reverses the sort order.

    Brand Toolbox Ordering (Sorting) Pages
  4. Click Save

Note: In some instances, sorting unpublished pages sorts the nodes in the backend but does not sort the pages correctly in the frontend, when eventually published. If this occurs, simply resort the pages again to trigger the correct ordering of pages on the frontend.