Create, save and publish content

Start by deciding where to locate the page within the Brand Toolbox Content tree.

  1. Hover over the page name (node) you would like the new page to be a sub-page (child node) of, click on the options icon (•••) and click one of the available page types in the Create menu.

    Create a new page - Select node

    Note that depending on the page chosen, the available page template types may vary, as some pages can only be created under certain page types. In most instances, the ‘Feature page (with image)’ and the ‘One column page’ types are typically used.
  2. Enter a name for the new page and commence adding content. Ensure you’ve read the Working with content > Rich text editor section of the User Guide to learn how to format content.

    Create a new page - Enter name and save
  3. Click Save to save the changes without publishing.

    Save Option
  4. Click Preview to preview how the page will appear on the ‘live’ public site. Note that you must first save the page to then be able to view the changes in the preview pane.

    Preview Option
  5. Once satisfied, click Save and publish to broadcast the changes to the ‘live’ public site.

For more information on the various saving and publishing options, view the Various saving and publishing options page.