Various saving and publishing options

There are multiple Save and Publish options you can use depending on your editing status.

Various saving and publishing options


When you select Save, the content changes are stored but not published to the ‘live’ public site. The Save button is ideal when you are working on a page for a long period of time. Save regularly to ensure that you don’t lose any changes.

Save and publish

The Save and publish button saves and publishes your changes, making it instantly visible on the ‘live’ public site.


Before you commit to publishing your page changes, click the Preview button to see how the page will appear on the site.


Unpublishing a page hides it from view on the ‘live’ site. When unpublished, a page (node) will appear dimmed in the tree structure (as per the visual below)...

Unpublished Node Visual 

Publish (Actions menu)

The Publish option within the Actions menu is ideal for publishing multiple pages or when you want to publish a page and all of its sub-pages at once.

Right-click a page node in the Content tree and select Publish.

Publishing link on actions menu

The Publish slide out menu will appear for you to choose which pages should be published.

Publishing panel screen via actions menu

There are three publish options:

Protecting unsaved changes

The content editor will not let you leave a page or log out if there are any unsaved changes. This prevents accidental loss of your timely edits.

If you do attempt to navigate to another page, a warning box appears asking you to either Discard changes or Stay on the page to continue editing.

Protecting unsaved changes

Scheduled publishing

Scheduled publishing lets you publish a page at a specific date and time when you’re unavailable.

The Scheduled Publishing settings can be found on the ‘Info’ tab of the page you wish to publish. Simply select a Publish at date then click Save. The page will automatically publish itself on the set date.

Scheduled publishing

Scheduled unpublishing

Set a Unpublish at date and the page will automatically unpublish on the set date.

Save and publish node icon states

The structure tree page names and node icons appear differently depending on their ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ status.

Featured below are the two node states.

Node is published

Text link and icon appears in black (as per visual below).

Published node visual

Node is unpublished

Text link and icon appears dimmed out in grey (as per visual below).

Unpublished Node Visual

Protected pages

Pages that are protected via Public access permissions have a red circular symbol appended on the node icon.