Automated image numbering

Brand Toolbox can automatically and sequentially number images, so there is no need to individually and manually name the files.

Having the system automatically generate image numbers prevents duplicate image filenames from entering the system. It also keeps a consistent naming convention that suits your individual filenaming taxonomies.

Note that the feature can be turned off, and uploading images will retain the existing uploaded filenames instead.

To automatically and sequentially number images

  1. In the Media > Image library folder, select the Library Settings tab. 
  2. Toggle ‘On’ the ‘Should images be renamed per convention below?property (see visual below).

    Automated image numbering settings
  3. Adjust any of the Photo ID settings per the table below.
  4. Click Save to enable the settings change.

Please note the following settings regarding automatic image numbering:

Library Settings Description

Should images be renamed per convention below?

If untoggled (off), original uploaded filenames will be kept. 

If toggled (on), images will be numbered per the additional settings below. Note that the original uploaded filename is recorded by the solution and searchable.

Note to BT Developer Team: These override settings configured in the ‘PhotoLibrary.config’.

Photo ID Prefix

Choose a prefix for your images. For example, enter ‘IM’ if you would like your images to be numbered:

IM000003 etc.

Note that if the field is left blank, ‘BT’ will be added automatically.

Last Used Photo ID

This ID number is automatically updated as each new image is uploaded. It should not be altered.

If uploading your image library for the first time, the number can be reset to ‘0’ to restart numbering at ‘1’.

Photo ID Length

If automated numbering is turned on, you can choose how many digits are included in the image number.

Note that the overal ‘Photo ID Length’ includes the ‘Photo ID Prefix’ length.

Default Category

By default, images that don’t have keywords matching any other categories or that aren’t manually re-assigned to other categories, on upload, will be assigned to the ‘Miscellaneous’ category during the upload process. 

If you would like ‘stray’ images to be assigned to a different category, simply select another category as the Default Category (follow the instructions below to reassign).


Re-assigning the Default Category

To remove Miscellaneous as the Default Category, and assign a new default:

  1. In the Media > Image library folder, select the Library Settings tab and click the Remove link against the ‘Miscellaneous’ Default Category property.

    Automated image numbering - Remove default category
  2. Then Add a new Default Category.
    Automated image numbering - Re-assign default category
  3. Click Save to enable the settings change.