Image categories

Image categories are created in the ‘Content’ section.

As shown in the visual below, the categories appear in the Content > Home > Photo library folder (node). 

Image categories 

There are two image category types (or hierarchy levels):

You can have as many Categories sitting within the Photo library folder node as you wish, and as many Sub categories within each Category.

It is your choice how you wish to categorise and structure your Photo library.

Create a ‘Category’

Create a ‘Category’

To add a new category:

  1. Hover over the Categories page name in the tree view, click on the options icon (•••) and click the Category option in the Create menu.

    Create a category - Select node

  2. Enter a name for the new category and click Save and publish in the bottom save bar.

    Create a category - Enter name and save

For additional information on the save options, view the Saving and publishing options page.


Create a ‘Sub category’

  1. Select an existing Category.

    Select existing category

  2. Click the Create Sub Category button or select Create from the Actions menu.

    Create a subcategory

  3. Enter a name for the new category and click Save and publish in the bottom save bar.


A note about ‘Keyword to Category’ mapping

[currently not available in BTv4]

By default, existing keywords embedded in an image’s IPTC/EXIF metadata are captured by the image uploader and recorded by the system.

If the keyword matches any of the Sub categories in the content node tree, the image is assigned to that ‘Sub category’. If there are no keyword matches, the image will appear in the ‘Miscellaneous’ image sub category (unless you manually assign categories to images).

Mapping alternative keywords
If you would like to add additional keywords to be mapped to a Sub category, follow the steps below.

Eg. If you would like the keywords, ‘life and liveability’, to be mapped to the ‘Brand imagery’ sub category, select the ‘Brand imagery’ sub category node and enter the keywords into the ‘Alternate Category Keywords’ field (as shown below). 

Brand Toolbox Version 3.1 Alternative keyword to Sub category mapping

Click the Save and publish button.

Any images with the ‘life and liveability’ keyword will now appear in the ‘Brand imagery’ sub category.

Image access restrictions

“Public access” restrictions allow you to define which member groups are allowed to view the images within a specific image category.

To set image access restrictions, view the “Image access restrictions (specific to image category)” section on the Image restrictions and access page.