Image uploading

Images are uploaded and modified in the Media section.

As shown in the visual below, Image (Photo) library images are housed in the Media > Image library folder (node).

Image library structure

Under the ‘Photo Library Root Folder’ node, there are only two image Media types:

  1. Photo Library Folder
  2. Photo Library Image

You can have as many folders embedded within other folders as you wish.

Creating the ‘Photo Library Folder’ structure

As mentioned above, images should be placed into ‘Photo Library Folders’. The folder structure has already been created but if you would like to add more folders, follow the steps below.

Creating a Photo Library Folder

  1. Hover over the ‘Image library’ Root Folder name or an existing ‘Photo Library Folder’ page name in the tree view, click on the options icon (•••) and click the Photo Library Folder option in the Create menu.

    Create a Photo Library Folder

  2. Enter a name for the folder and click Save.

    Enter Photo Library Folder name

Uploading images

You’re now ready to upload images and the easiest way is with the Image batch uploader.