Asset expiry notification

Email notifications can be sent to members automatically whenever images or assets (that they’ve previously downloaded) are updated, unpublished or archived.

The notifications apply to all downloads, not just to assets that are automatically archived when an “Asset Usage Expiry” date is reached.

Notifications can be turned on/off at any time (off by default)^.

^ When enabled, notifications are sent daily – the morning after a “status change” event is triggered. All affected assets within a 24hr period will be listed in one email.

To change notifications status:

  1. Select ContentSettings (node) > Asset Expiry Notification (tab).
  2. Toggle the Asset Expiry Notification Status property on or off.

    Asset expiry notifications

  3. Save and publish’ after making the change.

Asset expiry reminders

When the Asset Expiry Notification Status is toggled “On”, the mechanism can be configured to send a reminder email prior to the asset/image expiring.

Simply enter a value in the “Asset Expiry Reminder” property to indicate the number of days before the expiry event that the reminder should be sent.

Asset expiry reminders

To stop the reminder being sent, enter a “0” value.

Developer: Testing the “Asset expiry reminder” emails

To test and trigger the reminder emails, set the expiry day for some assets/images to X days from today, ensuring that X is the number set in the Content > Settings [node] > Asset Expiry Notification [tab] > “Asset Expiry Reminder” property.

Ensure that the assets/images chosen are among ones that you have downloaded in the past.

Once the above is complete:

Note that the “.AssetExpiryReminder” event is scheduled to trigger everyday at 02:00 AM [0 2 * * *]. The “.SendOutNotifications” event triggers 1hr later at 03:00 AM [0 3 * * *], giving the Asset Expiry Reminder mechanism enough time to collate the data ready for the Send Out Notifications.