Print entire site to PDF

PDF file copies of guidelines section content^ can be created.

Note: This is an Administrator feature that provides the core admin/editor team with a PDF archival backup of the site at any moment in time. It should not be accessible to all users.

^ PDFs of the Photo & Asset libraries are not included.

Enabling the PDF Generator

In the frontend right-hand page tools panel, there is a new print PDF link named, “Save this section to PDF”. If it’s disabled (not visible), you do not have permission to view it.

Print site to pdf link

To enable the link, go to the backoffice Content [section] > Print Section [node], and under the Security [tab] > Allowed Member Groups [property], click Add and select the member groups allowed to access it.

Enable the print site to pdf link

A note about the PDF output

Clicking the “Save as PDF” button will collate the section chosen (and any other included sub-pages) and generate a PDF. This may take some time depending on the chosen page. The PDF creation process will run in the background and automatically download to your computer when complete.

To print:

Across all browsers, the PDF will be date/time-stamped in your local browser’s date format. Therefore, a user in Australia will see the following date format on a PDF output at 7:53:46 pm on 15 November 2023:

However, note that Chrome will output in 24hr format. E.g. 19:53:46

Last updated 15 November 2023