The following settings can be configured on this “Membership” tab:

Expiry text

This is the error message that is shown on the login screen when a member, whose membership has expired, unsuccessfully attempts to log in to Brand Toolbox.

It usually includes the expiry message and an email to contact for a membership extension. E.g.

<p>Membership expired. Contact for an extension.</p>

Newsletter Title

This is the title of the Brand Update email newsletter that is included with the Brand Toolbox software. This title is embedded into Terms & Conditions (and/or Privacy Policy) wording across the site.

Member List Report

As well as being able to manually export member lists from the Members section, membership list reports can be configured to be sent automatically to any email address on the 3rd day of each month (as an Excel spreadsheet).

This is an Administrator setting and can only be configured by you if you have the appropriate credentials.

Member List Report - Email Template
Leave this field blank if you don’t want to receive the report via email.

Member List Report - Recipient Email
Leave this field blank if you don’t want to receive the report via email.

Member List Report - Fields
The following properties are included in the report (by default):

Property Description


Member’s email address


Lists all of the member groups that the member is attached to. Multiple member groups are separated by commas


Date and time the member first registered or accessed the solution

The following (optional) property values can be included in the report via the checkboxes provided. Note that the property values (marked in bold below) indicate the property name displayed on the exported Excel spreadsheet:

Property Description

Title (Job title)

Member’s job or company title

Given Names
(First name)

Member’s first name/s

Family Name
(Last name)

Member’s last name or surname

(Company name)

Member’s company name — Displayed only if the registrant applies as a non-Employee or External 3rd-party/supplier

Account Expiry

Indicates the date the account is due to expire or has expired


TRUE or FALSE — An account is marked as “TRUE” when a registrant has successfully verified their email address during the registration process. Applies to non-SSO registrations only.

Registration Rejection Reason

The rejection message provided by the Access Administrator if a registration application is rejected

Is Employee (Company employee)

TRUE or FALSE — Marked as “TRUE” for any company employee


Member’s department or division within the company

Accepted Terms And Conditions
(Agreed to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement)

TRUE or FALSE — Marked as “TRUE” when a registrant has agreed to the T&Cs (note that this will always be TRUE for non-Employees, as the registration form cannot be completed otherwise). Applies to non-SSO registrations only

Alternative Phone Number

If an alternative phone number is not provided, the field will be blank

Refer Contact Name
(Referrer's name)

Referrer’s name — A “Referrer” is usually a company employee who has instructed the registrant to access the site

Refer Contact Email
(Referrer's email address)

Referrer’s email address

Refer Contact Division
(Referrer's division)

Referrer’s division or department

Refer Contact Phone Number
(Referrer's phone number)

Referrer’s contact phone number

Member Approved
(Is Approved)

TRUE or FALSE — Registrants who go through an approval process must have this property marked as “TRUE” otherwise the account will be disabled

Member Last Login
(Last Login Date)

Indicates the date and time the member last logged in


Testing the Member List Report

To test and trigger this report, go to the Developer [section] > Hangfire [tab] and select Recurring Jobs in the Hangfire Dashboard menu.

Check the “HangFireEvents.SendOutMemberListReport” hangfire item, and click the Trigger button. A report (Excel spreadsheet) will be emailed to the email address specified in the “Member List Report - Recipient Email” property above.

Note that the event is scheduled to trigger at [0 0 3 * *] which is at 00:00 AM, on day 3 of every month.

Automatically sending the report to a client FTP account

The report can also be pushed automatically to a client’s FTP account by completing the following values="" in the web.config file:

<add key="sftp:Host" value="" />
<add key="sftp:Username" value="" />
<add key="sftp:Password" value="" />
<add key="sftp:Folder" value="" />

Note that: