Hangfire (events)

Hangfire framework is used to create, process and manage background tasks and events (e.g. automatically archive expired files, send out notifications, process expiry reminders, etc).

The Hangfire dashboard resides in the Developer section (therefore only available to Brand Toolbox Developers). However, the dates/times that an event is scheduled to be triggered can be adjusted by an Administrator in the Settings section.

To change the event trigger date/time:

  1. Select ContentSettings (node) > Hangfire (tab).
  2. Enter a new Cron^ value in the corresponding field:

    Hangfire events settings

  3. Save and publish’ after making the change.

^ The Cron expression is a common format to schedule jobs to run periodically at fixed times, dates or intervals. It appears in the following format:

* * * * *

corresponding to:

minute  hour  day  month  year

Therefore, the following Cron format:

0 1 * * *

will run at 1am every morning.

The following Cron format:

0 0 3 * *

will run at 12am in the morning on the third day of every month.

Hangfire dashboard task names

The following Hangfire groups on the Settings > Hangfire page correspond to the following Hangfire event task names in the Developer > Hangfire dashboard:

Hangfire group Hangfire dashboard task name

Archive Tasks



Process Asset/Media Changes


Process Asset Expiry Reminder


Send Notifications



Send Member List Report



Developer notes:
Updating the Cron trigger values in Settings > Hangfire will update the events in the Developer > Hangfire dashboard. Therefore, there is no need to restart the server.

You can manually delete all jobs in the Hangfire dashboard entirely, and then republish Settings to retrieve the correct events again.