BT v4.0.10

Release notes:

This is an unscheduled patch release to address Download history and Asset library filtering issues.

Status: Released
Release date: 29 July 2022


TASK 663 - Newsletter Studio licence (Trial mode)

Automate the Newsletter Studio licence file, “bin/newsletterstudio.lic”, so that it is automatically added to all sites on deployment.

TASK 668 - Integrated “God Mode” (linked to Feature 666)

Integrated God Mode in the Developer section.

It allows developers to browse, query and search document types and compositions, templates and partials, datatypes and property editors, media library, custom controllers and models. It also provides diagnostics about the Brand Toolbox setup and the server it is running on.

Additional info: Diplo God Mode

Issues & Tasks

BUG 658 - Asset library filter issue
[fixed] - Issue with ‘Brand’ drop-down list showing partial results rather than absolute results.

BUG 669 - DownloadHistory table not accepting NULL value for CATEGORY field
[fixed] - Correct ‘DownloadHistory’ table not accepting NULL value for the CATEGORY field.