BT v4.0.6.1

Release notes:

This unscheduled patch release fixed several issues introduced in the v4.0.6 release.

Status: Released
Release date: 1 September 2020

Issues & Tasks

Bug 571 (DevOps) - Backoffice Media section server errors

Server errors were being displayed in the backoffice Media section when navigating to certain tabs within media nodes. It was related to the recent media history additions. Fixed by adding the new column “UserID”, that is used to determine who triggered a media status change. [fixed]

Bug 572 (DevOps) - Icon library crash on Video upload---AssetVersion unpublish error

Adding videos to the Icon library crashed it (audio files worked ok). Then, on unpublishing the AssetVersion, received the following error “Invalid column name ‘UserId’” and it wouldn’t unpublish it. There was a case where a null value could crash the gallery. [fixed]

Bug 575 (DevOps) - Asset detail missing “previewImage” div/class

The Asset library “Asset detail” template was missing the <div class="previewImage"> around the preview image <img> element. Resulted in slight layout inconsistencies. [fixed]

BUG 577 - ClientName user having issues uploading media to Asset library

[fixed] - Client having issues uploading media to the Media > Asset library. Can add folders but can’t upload assets or upload preview images. Only started developing issues after the last release. [fixed]