BT v4.0.25 & 25.1

Release notes:

Features the new Asset “File format” to “Category” filter link and Asset & Photo library albums intro text fields.

Status: Released
Release date: Wednesday 16 August 2023

New Features

Task 979 – Asset “File format” to “Category” filter link

Asset file formats (or Asset Groups) such as Logos, Icons, Templates, Videos, Artwork files etc can now be linked to Categories. Once linked, selecting the File format (Asset group) button in the Asset library frontend will automatically select the linked category. Conversely, selecting the Category will also automatically select the linked file format button.

The purpose of this feature is to quickly filter and collate related assets. For example, when linked, selecting the “Iconsfile format button will automatically select and reveal the “Icon” categories — presenting the user with only the categories that relate to the chosen file format. It’s a 1-step filtering process rather than the frontend user needing to first select the Icons file format then figuring out what categories relate to those Icons.

For further information, view the “Asset and Photo lists > Asset file format to Category link” section of the Brand Toolbox User Guide.

Task 1035 – Rich Text Editor “Intro Text” in Albums

Added new rich text editor (RTE) fields, “Intro Text”, directly underneath the Albums title in both the Asset & Photo albums.

This allows site administrators to enter help and guidance text specific to the Albums screens, such as:

Albums may contain assets that you are allowed to view but do not have permission to download (nor share). Upon asset request approval, you will then be able to download the asset, however, despite being able to select the asset, you still won’t be able to share the assets via the “Share all” or “Share selected” mechanisms.

For further information, view the “Asset library display settings” and “Photo library display settings” sections of the Brand Toolbox User Guide.

Task 1036 – Public download page T&Cs

Added a new editable text container on the public “Asset download” page.

This allows site administrators to include a statement above the DOWNLOAD button on that public download page that reads something like: “By downloading, you accept our Terms and Conditions...” etc. This statement can include a link to publicly accessible Terms & Conditions or Privacy pages.

Issues & Tasks

Task 1023 – Asset albums missing “Select all” button
Initially marked as a BUG but changed to a TASK as it was working as designed but we decided to improve the user experience. The following was occurring:

Unfortunately, this created another problem...

The album selection process is now better designed. The “Select all” button always appears (if the album contains assets) but obviously will not download or share the asset if you don’t have permission to share it.

– [complete]

Bug 1026 – Fix file version number
Improved automated version file numbering for the DevOps CI/CD deployment process.
– [complete]

Task 1034 – Umbraco patch release Brand Toolbox references
– [complete]

Bug 1033 – Consent forms won't upload to Photo library
Unable to upload “Media type: File” files to the “Media type: Consent Form Folder”. Normally, it should be able to accept any file format but it can only currently accept image files only. It should be able to accept all files, especially PDFs.

While testing if PDFs could be uploaded to the Photo library, we changed the “umbracoSettings.config”. It allowed PDFs to be uploaded to the Photo library but stopped it working as a standard file upload.

– [complete]

Bug 1031 – Security patch for Asset library “Share Selected” mechanism
– [complete]

Task 1039 – List description bullet
Added a new bullet list style for the “.listItemdescription ul” css class on the Asset library intro text field.
– [complete]