BT v4.0.18

Release notes:

This is an unscheduled patch release to correct minor issues appearing after the v4.0.17 and v4.0.17.1 releases.

Status: Released
Release date: 31 October 2022

Issues & Tasks

Bug 892 – Images are still being counted despite member permissions
Images were being correctly hidden from view when the user did not have access to view the image (based on category permissioning). However, the Photo library continued to incorrectly count the image in search results.

Bug 890 – Unpublishing is not re-indexing library
In the Asset library, when I unpublish an asset version, it hides the asset from the published dropdown results but it does not change the asset count until I rebuild the index via the Examine Management > AssetIndexer.

Additionally, the unpublished asset does not appear under the “Unpublished” drop list. This issue is only occurring when I unpublish “Asset Versions”. It correctly recounts when I archive an “Asset” or publish a previously unpublished asset.

Bug 875 – Sort order disturbed by Caps
In the Asset & Photo libraries, “AGL People...” and “AGL Pride logo...” are placed between “AGL Brand guidelines” and “AGL curve pattern”. Therefore, they are out of order. It’s because they are sorting by CAPITALISATION first based on the “Asset” node name.

The examine indexer should be case-insensitive. It is currently case-sensitive

Bug 848 – Photo library "quotation search" quantities
When we fixed Bug 771, we broke the number of results (quantities) displayed in a search surrounded by "quotation marks" in the Photo library.

For example, on the dev site, if you enter "BT Aurora" with the quotation marks in the search field, the results show incorrect "number of" numbering:

Bug 845/846 (User Story 844) – Downloads report: 'Asset & Image > Categories' filter broken
Within Downloads reporting, when selecting either “Media type: Asset” or “Media type: Image” then attempting to filter by “Categories”, the data table results were not filtering.

Bug 868 – Incorrect datetime values in JSON
When selecting a date range in the Downloads Report filter, the table output only displays the media items that have registered a download within the associated “date from” and “date to” fields.

The returned JSON data includes LastDownloaded and LastModified. However, these values are in ISO UTC format and differ from the stored datetime in the database table.