BT v4.0.15

Release notes:

This is a scheduled release featuring the new ‘Permalink’ public asset share mechanism and the enhanced Reporting tools.

Status: Released
Release date: 13 August 2022

New Features

Task 780 - Permalink or ‘Delete after: Never’

We have extended the ‘Share image/assets with others’ share link mechanism so that users can create asset collections and turn them into permanent shareable links.

Previously, you could collate and create a share link to images/assets and share them with non-registered people via a share link — for either 7 days or 30 days. You can now share for 1 year or permanently.

User Guide page: Creating permanent and shareable links

User Story 643 - Reporting: List users as dialog box and email notifications

As outlined on ‘Release BT v4.0.8Task 622 - Reporting: List users associated with downloads’, we added a hover state to show the members who had previously downloaded an image or asset.

The Reporting tool has now been completely overhauled to display:

Additionally, the mechanism includes a notification device so that Administrators can send a note to anyone who has previously downloaded the asset. This is useful in the event an asset might be deemed ‘unusable’ and a notification is needed to inform all previous downloaders of that asset.

User Guide page: Reporting > Downloads report

User Story 794 - Downloads Report: Caching speeds

The Downloads report paging is now performed on the server instead of via Javascript. This substantially increases page load speeds on larger sites.

Task 696 - Hide ‘Brand’ dropdown list in Asset library

The ‘Brand’ dropdown list in the Asset library now disappears when there is only one brand. This functionality was already operational in the Photo library. The two libraries are now aligned.

Task 777 - Image request form text changes

On the Image request form, the low and high resolution text descriptions change when you select either the High or Low res option. This text is now customisable in the backoffice at the following location:

Backoffice location: Content [section] > Settings [node] > Image Library [tab] > Image Request - Low Res and Image Request - High Res [properties]

User Guide page: Settings > Image Library > Image Request - Low Res / High Res properties

Task 770 - Make Asset ‘Comments’ a RTE property

Converted the ‘Asset > Comments’ property to a rich text editor field so hyperlinks and carriage returns can be added.

Additionally, added the same ‘Comments’ property to Photo library images as photos previously didn’t have this property.

Issues & Tasks

Task 774 - Edit ‘Registration Email Approval’ property description
Improve the backoffice description of the ‘Registration Email Approval’ property.

Bug 763 - Media change notification email issues (Part 2)
This is a user experience improvement rather than a bug fix to the ‘Media Status Change Notification’ email that notifies members when an image or asset changes (e.g. is re-saved/unpublished/archived etc). The email previously contained six properties. We have condensed to two properties so the email doesn’t show needless extra data - [fixed]

Bug 638 - Reporting: Old data wiped, Images not appearing, Sorting
Old data wiped and images not appearing - [fixed]. Ticket closed and the final sorting issue moved to Task 643.

Bug 772 - Repeating registration approval descriptions
Improved the messaging descriptions for member registration approvals. Messages now clearly state whether the member is already approved or rejected - [fixed]

Bug 776 - Custom image download XML error

Bug 782 - Share image XML error with ‘Get shareable link’ and ‘Custom download’

Bug 769 - Error on some Asset library asset re-saves