BT v4.0.6

Release notes:

This scheduled release introduces the online video and audio player for Asset library playback.

Status: Released
Release date: 1 August 2020


Task 560 (Azure DevOps) - Audio/Video playback mechanism

Add an audio/video player (playback) mechanism to the Asset library, with the goal for users to be able to listen to an audio asset or watch a video without needing to download the asset first.

Audio video player

The mechanism utilises W3C compliant HTML5 <audio> and <video> elements for online playback on supported browsers.

User Guide page: Audio/Video playback mechanism

Task 565 (Azure DevOps) - Audio/Video “preview” playback option

Add a new property, “Media Player Preview”, allowing the user to upload a supporting and browser compatible audio/video “preview” file. This allows for online playback of the media file when the uploaded Asset Version is not HTML5 or browser compatible.

Task 556 (Azure DevOps) - Photo albums - Share selected mechanism

Add a “SHARE SELECTED” button and mechanism to the Photo albums section, allowing selected images (single or multiple) to be shared externally via an emailed share link.

Photo library share selected button

Task 569 (Azure DevOps) - Media History Functionality - Saving Records + API

Added “Media” history records to list all change events and status history changes. Previously, this was only recorded against guidelines “Content” section changes. Now, the records are kept for all image and asset changes, including the name of the user who performed the change.

Media history status change records

Issues & Tasks

Task 559 (Azure DevOps) - Page filter for tiles moved to a standard ‘related link’

Moved the page filter/picker for RHS tiles to a standard “related link” type, so the tile picker tool could be utilised across all pages, as well as the home page.

Bug 564 (Azure DevOps) - Broken Photo/Asset library controls in IE11

Flagged and fixed a range of Photo and Asset library controls that were broken in Internet Explorer 11.

Bug 568 (Azure DevOps) - Contact sheet displaying entire library

The Photo library “Print PDF Contact Sheet” mechanism was not filtering the images selected in the Photo library. It was compiling the entire Photo library into the contact sheet rather than including only the images that appeared in the filtered search.

Task 557 (Azure DevOps) - Template layouts alignment fixes

Fix various alignments on “My favourites” and “Latest Updates” templates, and associated stylesheets.

Task 558 (Azure DevOps) - AU Contact Sheet missing again

The “Contact Sheet” template on the AU-Dev4 site went missing again – It needed to be recreated manually. Then needed to point the “Content > Home > Contact Sheet” node to it. Also, the “Content > Home > Latest updates” node severed ties with the “Latest Updates” template. It had to be relinked manually.

Task 562 (Azure DevOps) - InternetExplorer myFavourites word-break issue

Fix the RHS Tools - “My Favourites” word-break issue. It wasn’t wrapping around column in Internet Explorer.